2019 was quite the year. For us it was all about continuing to create an amazing experience for YOU.   We’re on a never-ending pursuit to create one of the best gyms in the world. Since 2006 our success has been a daily reflection of the extraordinary efforts of our clients. With that it’s important to look back and take inventory on the amazing stories, win’s, and accomplishments achieved by #teamVH over the course of the past 12 months.

So read on, and relive some of the most noteworthy highlights of 2019:

Amazing Transformations
As the old adage goes “a picture can say a thousand words”.  However, what these pictures DON’T highlight are the dynamic personalities of both Irene and Kevin. It’s hard to imagine the gym community without their presence!

Bergen Catholic Basketball Won The State Final
Not only did BC win the state title but they also won the County tournament along with making it to the finals of the Tournament of champions.  This is a long time in the making, we are excited to see them grow upon last years success.  

Big Mike and Kayla Got Married
Joey Mac is next…

Amazing Adult Weight Loss Overall
A total of 706lbs were lost over the course of two transformations. This program continues to deliver LIFE CHANGING results for our clients.  This crew is on to healthier and happier days…

VH Traveled to Scotland for the Business of Strength 
Joe and I traveled to Scotland to present the Business of Strength seminar. Being able to travel anywhere outside our building to tell the story of VH and how it operates is humbling. It’s something that will never get old!

Community Fundraisers
We’ve made a real effort to fund-raise in our local community.  This was our 10th anniversary of the Michael LaViola Strongman event that raised $20,000 this year for Pediatric Sarcoma’s.  In addition, our Facebook Check-in for charity’s along with the Thanksgiving and Toy Drive raised over $2,500 for local families in need.  

Ten Year Anniversary
This past year Joe and I celebrated 10 years as business partners. Here’s to the next 10 and beyond!

Athlete Performance Increased by 8.4
Any athlete that participated in our athlete development program for a minimum of 8 weeks improved their athletic performance numbers by 8.4%!  The numbers never lie!

The VH Comeback Story of the Year: James Della Pesca
James overcame surgery along with a long and arduous recovery process.  Never once did he come into the gym dejected or negative about what he couldn’t accomplish.  It was always glass half full with a positive outlook. His ‘glass half full’, positive outlook and hard work helped him to earn a full scholarship to continue his journey as a student athlete at Temple University.

Female Athlete of the year: Emma Matesic
Emma has become a fixture in the female strength and conditioning groups.  Her commitment level and performance improvements are second to none!  She has become a great ambassador of VH assisting new athletes in the group and becoming a captain in a sense for that group.   Great job Emma!

Male Athlete (s) of the year: Craig and Anthony Sodano
If you come to the VH between the hours for 4-6pm on any given day you know the Sodano brothers, and for good reason!   They’ve grown up in the gym and their commitment has yielded big time results, with Craig recently signing to play college baseball at Marymount College.  Let’s keep it rolling fellas!

Adult of the Year – Melody Brennan
Melody is the epitome of hungry, humble and committed!  She continues to set the bar high and dominates the goals she sets out for herself. The best part of it all is that she’s having fun doing it!  Thank you for the dedication, Melody – all of TeamVH benefits from your hard work. 

There you have it, 2019 in a nutshell.   Thank you for yet again another memorable year from all of TEAMVH.  It’s because of YOU that we are able to live our passion through the gym.

Happy New Year!

-Dan Goodman

P.S. If you’re interested in training at VH respond to this email and we’ll handle the rest!