About Us

Varsity House Gym is dedicated to helping youth athletes ages 11 through college, and regular individuals ages 30+ perform better, gain confidence, lose fat, and get in the best shape of their lives without wasting valuable time in the gym. We provide world-class coaching and nutritional guidance, in an inspiring atmosphere, with a team dedicated to giving our clients the Best Hour of Their Day.

We Specialize in…

Giving real results!

Our Orangeburg NY area clients love the Personalized Coaching, Inspiring Atmosphere, Flexible Class Schedule, and Friendly Community that Varsity House is known for. Every day, our Coaching and Mentoring helps our clients to be their best.

We specialize in: Strength Training, Speed Development, Agility & Change of Direction, Explosive Power Development, Flexibility, Injury Prevention, Adult Fitness, 6-Week Body Transformations, Fat Loss, and Nutritional Guidance.

Our services include: Private Training, Small-Group Training, Group Functional Training, Performance Training for Athletes, and Nutritional Coaching.

We have the BEST equipment, atmosphere, and coaches to motivate our clients to TRAIN OPTIMALLY and get RESULTS.

Whether you’re a…

Division 1A football player looking to improve your performance on the field, or a regular individual who hates the  generic, mundane gym scene, Varsity House can design a program that will help you become the best version of yourself.

Become the Best Version of Yourself Today!

In the meantime

Check out our "Week Of Wellness" at-home workout program

so you can stop watching your health and lifestyle decline.

Take control of your fitness and health today

Top-Rated Personal Trainer in Orangeburg - See what our clients are saying!

  • My wife and I have been training at the Varsity House for over 2.5 years. I can honestly say this is the best gym, by far, that I have belonged to!! All of the trainers and staff get to know you and are top notch! The classes and programs they put together are challenging, but will work to everyo... Read More
  • I have worked out at Varsity House Gym for 12+ years. First as a high school athlete, then a Division 1 football player, and now as an adult. Joe Riggio, Dan Goodman, and the rest of the incredible staff do an impressive job of meeting its members tremendously diverse fitness goals. As an athlete, t... Read More
  • I literally could not ask for more! There are so many virtual classes and helpful tips available to keep me on track! With the coaching staff always there to motivate the members, I am crushing it at home. In the 2 years I have been with VH, with their guidance, I have lost 80lbs. How incredible ... Read More
  • Varsity House is full of professional Coaches and Leaders truly interested in helping you succeed. You will be welcomed into this facility with open arms, your Coaches will listen to your goals and help you achieve them. I have been member of Varsity House for many years, made so many great conn... Read More
  • I have been a active member at Varsity House Gym since 2010. I will never forget the first workout I ever completed, because I had never trained in the environment that Varsity House has come to perfect. Varsity House Gym is far more than dumbbells, barbells, and benches. In the 9+ years I have bee... Read More