S.N.A.P – Strategic Nutrition Advanced Planning

With Simone Leta

Nutritionist & Personal Trainer

Fully Customized
Meal Plan

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Food Log Review

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Welcome to SNAP Nutrition!

With Simone Leta –
Nutritionist & Personal Trainer

A customized meal plan that is tailored to you, and only you! These PLANS, not diets, are customized to the client based on a number of different factors.

All plans promote a healthier lifestyle confused on a balanced diet or good quality, whole foods.

This is not a quick fix diet, but a lifestyle adjustment. “Diet” means there is an end to the program. Don’t let this be another short-term success story. Learn all about what proper nutrition really means, what foods work best for your body and your goals, and how to make these changes stick. Nutrition is usually the roadblock for most people. This is where many give up and fail. Let it be different this time! Let’s get you feeling like the best version of YOU possible.

Since everybody needs a different level of support and guidance when it comes to their nutrition, I have created tiers to my program. I understand that some may need a lot of meal variety, specific dietary restrictions, and need constant guidance throughout the program; others just need the basics to help reach their goals.

SNAP is broken into 3 tiers, starting simple with the accountability factor of the Insider plan, to a limited variety but calorie specific Recruit plan, to the highest Elite plan of full customization, variety, lifestyle adjustment tips, and so much more.


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