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Over the course of the last 2 years we’ve been up to some pretty cool stuff here at Varsity House Gym.

We wanted to level up our athlete training in regards to optimal performance, coaching, and culture. We set out to create some of the best athlete performance training in the world.

In the process, we documented everything we did to give you a behind the scenes look at how we train athletes inside our gym.

At Varsity House, our athlete training adheres to the following three principles:


We live in a very progressive and ground-breaking time in the field of sports performance. Everybody wants to be the best strength and conditioning coach, physical preparation specialist, and technological guru.

They want to show they are pioneers in the industry by manifesting brand-new training methodologies through research, innovative exercises, technological advancements, and advanced programming strategies. There’s one problem, though. What happened to good ol’ coaching?

New multifaceted information in our field is prodigious. Yet, the best coaches in the world take complicated matters and simplify them so that everybody can understand and apply them. If you got into this industry to try and reinvent the wheel for your own intents and purposes, you are misguided.

As coaches, it is our responsibility to put our own schema aside for the betterment of our athletes. In our gym, I believe we have revolutionized the way we train team sport athletes by implementing the latest research, promoting individuality within a team setting, managing many personalities, and creating a culture that fosters athletes who are hungry, humble, and committed to excellence.


As coaches, we wear many masks. It is our responsibility to prepare our athletes, not only physically, but mentally as well. We are put in unique positions that allow us to demand respect, honesty, and above all, trust.

What makes a great coach? It’s the ability to lead—to make things happen, maximize resources, and inspire. It’s the extraordinary quality that solves problems and helps the athlete come to a new level of understanding what is possible.

It’s the skill and talent to influence and guide our athletes to make real breakthroughs and create lasting change.


When you build a culture that fosters athletes who are hungry, humble, and committed to excellence, the rest of the components fall into place. Building a culture starts with the foundation. Coaches are the foundation on which everything inside our four walls is built.

We hold ourselves accountable every day by living the code, caring about our athletes, and meeting regularly to improve our programming for our athletes. We regularly highlight our athletes on social media, put up posters in the gym, and create training montages dedicated to them.

Furthermore, we always have an athlete of the week. This is a subtle way to spotlight what happens in the gym and give recognition to athletes who may not always be rewarded for their hard efforts.

This is why the Varsity House Gym Athlete Newsletter was born.

Before we begin with next week’s first informative newsletter, I want to lay groundwork as to what to expect each week.

Weekly Newsletter Details:

  • New training concepts that we’ve applied
  • Highlighting new testing numbers
  • Highlighting athlete accomplishments
  • Recommended books
  • A month in review

Be on the lookout for every Wednesday of each week for our email.

I want to ensure that we over-deliver and provide you with the best possible information possible based on our experiences.

In Strength,
Adam Menner Adam Adam Menner Director of Athlete Performance
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