What a crazy time to be an athlete!  With the global pandemic, sports and therefore athletes are being affected like never before.  There is however a silver lining…

This year I have seen it all.  First the COVID 19 pandemic.  Then the NBA, MLB seasons.  Then LOCKDOWN.  HECK, THEY CANCELED THE OLYMPICS!!!

What we all thought might have been a 2-3-week thing has turned into months of uncertainty and turmoil.

Many of our college and high school seniors’ final seasons were canceled leaving an unfulfilling taste as to what “should have been.”

Now on the cusps of fall, most of the major sport conferences are canceling their seasons all together.

First was the Ivy League, then the MAC, followed by the Big 10 and Pack 12.  Essentially putting the nail in the proverbial coffin for the fall sports season.

…Not to inflame any political or moral stance I think it was the right move since nobody really knows what’s what.

With all that negativity I want to shine a light on the positive…

Despite their seasons being canceled, and some even having to postpone their freshman year of college, we had an amazing group of athletes from all over Bergen and Rockland county training and getting ready.

Yes, we had to make a lot of changes.  For the first few weeks while our gym was shutdown, we trained on the school field only.  We found a way.

Then when we were cleared, we moved small groups of athletes into our outdoor training area.  Moved all out equipment outside.  Masks, gloves, and sanitizer everywhere.  We found a way.

Some days it rained, some days it was 100 degrees, and somedays it was so humid you could barely breath. But still, we found a way.

You see there is one thing I’m certain about when it comes to athletes.

They are a resilient bunch.

Adversity is built into sports.  Teamwork and sticking together part of the game.

QUIT or FAIL is not an option, only TRY and LEARN.   

Right now, your season might be canceled or shortened.  You might be felling down, upset, downright mad, but nothing you did could have prevented this.

SO, stop feeling sorry for what could have or should have been and take the time to look inward at yourself.

What can YOU do right now to continue to “get ready” to be the best you can be?

Treat your training like it was your season!  Get in the most ridiculous shape you can get in to.  Eat clean.  Lean up.  Get faster.  Watch film.  Improve your games specific skills.

The beauty of the human body is that there is always something you can improve on.

Here’s a great resource for you to help with your training.

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Don’t let this time be the reason you let go and quit.  Now is the BEST time to dig deep and find motivation in bettering yourself.

Sports will be back and when they are you will be ready!

Stay Strong,

Joe Riggio

Founder | President 

Varsity House Health & Performance
337 Blaisdell Rd, Orangeburg NY 10962

P.S. This fall we WILL be running our athlete sports performance programs starting from grade 5 through college outdoors in our training pavilion.  If you are looking to stay active, stay strong and stay in the game our team has got your back!

Simply give us a call and we’ll set you up for your next workout!