I feel bad for parents and athletes in today’s sports generation. There are more AAU, CLUB, Pre-season, and Travel Leagues than ever before.

Couple this with so many sports performance training centers that are all telling you your child/athlete needs to train. The combination of athletes being pulled in so many different directions and doing too much can lead to burn-out and injury.

A lack of education, experience, and practice has accounted for many of these issues in regards to youth athletics.  

At Varsity House, we understand we have an OBLIGATION to ensure every single athlete who walks through our doors receives the best attention, experience, and training.

Have you ever walked into an establishment where they didn’t greet you properly, were not attentive to all your questions, and for certain, did not make you feel comfortable?

We hate that.

When you walk into our doors, we greet you with open arms, answer all your questions, and make sure you are comfortable with making the decision to train with us. Our coaches pride themselves on attention to detail.

From the time you walk into the door till the time you leave. We ensure no stone gets left un-turned when it comes to optimal sports performance.

We’ve been extremely fortunate to work with thousands of athletes, from professionals, NCAA, high school, and youth athletes. Above all else, we believe in delivering an amazing experience for your athlete.

If they do not feel comfortable or are not enjoying their training, they’re not going to adhere to the program which will result in sub-optimal results.

Our Athletes’ experience is number one! We want to create a culture-driven community that brings like-minded athletes, coaches, and parents together.

Now for some training!

Notice how training was last. If we don’t prioritize the two principles our training would not exist.

However, the numbers speak for themselves. We’ve trained thousands of athletes, who have all improved, gone on to play college or pro sports, and reduced the amount of injuries seen on the field (knock on wood).

We take a long-term, step by step approach in mapping out a plan for our athletes. Everything from injury prevention, speed development, power, strength, and conditioning in a sequenced, phase by phase fashion in which every session you’re building upon the last.

Join our community of athletes this winter and take advantage of our Open Enrollment registration. Come see first-hand how we turn underdogs into elite level athletes!

See you December 2nd,
Adam Menner

P.S.  If you would like to work with us and train at Varsity House here’s how we can help!