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3 Reasons Your Players Are Not Prepared for This Upcoming Season

In the basketball community we place a disproportionate amount of time on skill as opposed to physical preparation work.

You’re probably spending money on skill work 2,3, or even 4x a week! You’re playing in 2-3 games a week, working on your game 2-3x a week, and then playing pick up games when you’re free.

The mileage adds up over time.

Here’s the problem…EVERYONE is working on their game. Yet, some are more prepared than others. Here are 3 Reasons Your Players Are Not Prepared for this Upcoming Season

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1. They are not strong enough.

Hours and hours are spent in the gym honing in on their basketball skills. However, in order to handle the physical demands of a long brutal season you must be incorporating strength training into your regimen. Squat variations, single leg work, pushing movements, pulling movements, core strength, and explosive movements should be the base of your program.

If you plan on having a long-lasting career in basketball; strength should be the basis for all other future physical developments. You want your players to run faster, jump higher, move better, and blow by opposing defenders? They need to get stronger.

2. They are injury prone.

I get it. Basketball players play year around in AAU tournaments, showcases, and regular gym time practices. This is a very important part of the process of becoming a great basketball player.

As mentioned before, the mileage on your body is going to add up. This is a subsequent point of number one. Strength is the foundation. You need to strengthen your bones, tendons, connective tissues, and muscles if you want to perform optimally.

Basketball Players are extremely susceptible to injuries due to their lack of strength. You need to be incorporating Prehab, rehab, and corrective exercises into your programs. These things can include ankle mobility, knee rehabilitation, and shoulder stability exercises.

3. They are out of shape.

I hear it all the time. You play 2-3 games a week so think you’re in pretty good shape. You’re never in as good as shape as you think you are. True physical anaerobic and aerobic shape requires proper training. I see kids who can play in an AAU game but can’t complete a 300m shuttle in under 65 seconds. That’s the average time for a lineman in football.

You need to be training all facets of the cardiovascular curve including a-lactic, anaerobic, and oxidative work. Examples include tempo runs, high outputs modalities such as assault bike sprints, and lastly regular sprints.

As a coach and athlete make sure you are as best prepared as possible heading into the season. Remember, leave no stone un-turned!

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With our Varsity Hoopes program, we believe in destroying the status quo surrounding basketball players. Basketball players need to train just as hard as any other team sport athletes. A basketball player’s physical development and preparation is just as important as the player’s skill development.

We believe in training basketball players in a way that reduces the occurrence and severity of injuries – both acute and cumulative. Therefore, we train our players to be fast, explosive, strong, agile, and well conditioned.

We want to ensure that our athletes are in peak basketball shape, both mentally and physically. A holistic approach is needed in order to properly prepare player.

In Strength,
– Adam Menner



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