Is Health Insurance Paying for Your Gym Membership?

TeamVH! Did you know the many health insurance plans now offer a variety of plans that may pay for some or all of your gym memberships?

Here’s a like from Horizon Blue Cross NJ, they offer a $200 reimbursement. Not bad especially if you have multiple people on the plan.

In fact, many insurance plans are now paying for a bunch of other health-related expenses. It pays to keep people healthy, so they are not filing claims.

Here’s a list of a few things your insurance plan covers, and you might not even know it!

  1. Gym Memberships: Research has obviously proven that people who use gyms are healthier and in better physical shape customers who exercise regularly are generally less likely to suffer from costly medical ailments, including diabetes and heart disease. So, covering gym memberships pays off for insurance companies over time. This offers some incentive for people to stay active and helps save insurance companies money in long term coverage. Many major insurance companies offer discounts of up to 30 percent on monthly fees on select gyms. Employers often offer discounts on gym memberships, as well as some offer $250 per year reimbursements. So, check with your benefits department as most just want a proof of membership and attendance which we are happy to provide.
  2. LASIK Eye Surgery: For a long time, Lasik was considered an elective procedure. But now, insurance companies are covering vision correction surgeries. If you have a vision care component to your policy, it may cover part of laser vision correction surgeries, such as Lasik. If your surgery is deemed medically necessary, your policy may cover the entire surgery.
  3. Emergency Clinics or Drug Store Clinics: A lot of people think you have to pay out of pocket for these services. Most of the time, these visits are considered in the network by the insurer, which means you have to just have to pay a co-pay. At these clinics, doctors are available to diagnose illnesses and offer prescriptions right on the spot. You can pop into a pharmacy and see one of them, on-site doctors, if you need antibiotics for some kind of infection, for example. You can also receive vaccinations there. The advantage here is you don’t have to make an appointment with your doctor, which can take days to secure, then spend half the day sitting in the waiting room with a bunch of sick people.

Check with your insurance provider and we would be happy to provide them with anything they need to reimburse you. Don’t let FREE money slip through the cracks. You’re already paying enough for health insurance.

Stay Strong,
Coach Joe

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