Cheddar Cheese & Blueberry Jam?

This past weekend I went to see my niece in upstate NY.  I love it up there as there are a ton of local farms selling great produce, meats, and other goodies.

One place we stop at claims to have the BEST CHEDDAR CHEESE AND BLUEBERRY JAM IN THE WORLD! 

Bold Statements! But, after sampling they might be telling the truth.  If not it’s pretty darn good! 

They did this by keeping it simple.  They only do two things.  That allows them to execute amazingly on both. 

This made me think about my client’s fitness.  Most people try to over-complicate their fitness and nutrition. 

They train too much and try every fad diet known to man.  If you want to get fit, KEEP IT SIMPLE!

Get to the gym or exercise 3-4hrs per week.

Eat whole foods that don’t come from a box.

Cut most to all extra sugar.

Drink lots of water.

Don’t consume too much alcohol

Sleep 7hrs a day.  8 when you can.

We believe fitness does not have to be complicated.  We also understand the “life happens” and fitness and healthy lifestyle choices can get away from you.

This is why since 2006 we have been providing our clients with a simple plan where we guide them every step of the way to their own version of success.

Many of whom have gotten in the best shape of their lives and kept it there! 

It’s a lot like Cheddar Cheese and Blueberry Jam…Sort of! 

Here’s how we do it…

Book a FREE gym tour

Build Your Custom Plan

Achieve REAL results in 30-days.  Guaranteed!

So, book a FREE gym tour so you can stop watching your health and lifestyle decline and instead take control. Lose fat, gain energy, feel better about the way you look and become the best version of yourself!

Stay Strong,
Coach Joe

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