What are you doing for self-improvement?

Dan and I are away this week at Gym Jones in Utah coaching one of the training seminars and talking to a bunch of coaches from around the world about how to run their gyms better.
Every time we go to Gym Jones we come back refreshed with new ideas and fired up about what we do!
Personal development is such a big part of what we do here at VH it made me think about you…
What are you doing for personal development?
When was the last time you learned a new skill or started a new hobby?
Einstein Said, “Once you stop learning you start dying!”
I truly believe that. Learning a new skills, what keeps you fresh and motivated.
Life changes, the kids get older, and friends move apart. Knowledge is forever.
Here are a few great ways to incorporate some personal development into your lives.

  1. Podcast. There are literally thousands of podcasts. Everything from cooking to mindset, to marketing. I love podcast as they allow me to absorb knowledge on the go. In the car, while I’m working out, or just sitting by the lake.
  2. Workshops. There are so many I can’t list them all. Most major colleges have an adult learning program. The Dale Carnegie school of education has programs for everything.
  3. Hobbies. Always wanted to learn how to dance? Maybe fly fishing. JUST DO IT! Sign yourself up and go for it. What do you have to lose except saying “I wish I did that!”
  4. Hire a coach. There’s a coach for everything. You already have a fitness coach (ME). Why not hire a life coach, or a music coach, or a business coach?
    Life is short gang. LIVE IT TO THE MAX! Learn to ski, hike, fish, hell anything that will make you feel alive.
    Keep learning new skills. There’s no feeling like the feeling of doing something you always wanted for the first time with new people in a new place.
    Get out of those comfort zones and dominate life!

Stay Strong,
Coach Joe

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