Types of Personal Trainers

When you visit a gym for exercise, you’ll notice many people in the room either exercising or hanging around. Do you know the different types of Personal Trainers? No? In this article, we’d review the various types of personal trainers with their exclusive duties. Here are go… Learn information about Orangeburg, NY.

Miss Metrics

As an individual, you ought to have an understanding f your body and how it works. Also, some professionals specialize in the study of the body and its components. Miss Metrics are the personal trainers who are considered as professionals with specific knowledge about the body. In other words, Miss Metrics serves as the guide and instructor in the gym center to teach about the body and the best way to exercise for each individual. Click here to read about Tips to Guide when Hiring a Personal Trainer.


Fatigue comes in at any time, and one needs encouragement to carry on. Cheerleaders are your number one supporters in the gym. As a first-timer, your cheerleader will encourage you to continue even when the body decides to take a break. 

Drill Sergeant

Drill Sergeants are professionals in handling drills – squats, press-ups, push-ups, etc. They have the long-enduring ability to engage in many drills one after the other.

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