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In this episode Joe and Dan talk about how to dominate your email marketing.  Email has been a HUGE part of how they grew Varsity House over the past decade and is our number 1 form of marketing.  They discuss the reasons why most gym owners aren’t doing email right and how to create a simple system to drive traffic via email campaigns.   

Email gives you power over your list and makes it easy to speak to your tribe in a way that social never will. A great marketing campaign is a synergy of many different types of marketing coming together into a single point to drive traffic.   

Topics Include:  

  • Why email is the KEY to long term growth.   
  • How to “Own Your List”  
  • Why most gym owner shit the boat with their email.  
  • How to create great emails. 
  • Consistency is the Key.  
  • Using email and social media together to create great marketing  
  • Our best email campaigns 

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