Wyckoff, NJ-One of The Wealthiest And Fastest Growing Communities

Wyckoff, NJ is located in Essex County, NJ, located in the state of New Jersey. It is considered one of the wealthiest communities in the state of New Jersey. It is also one of the fastest growing communities, with a growing population in the past several years. The population is predominantly of Italian descent. There are several other ethnic groups represented, but the majority of the residents are of Italian descent. Learn more here.


Wyckoff, NJ is an incredibly wealthy community, which is primarily based on real estate values in its main neighborhoods. The main neighborhoods are Broadlands and Edisonville, which are located on either side of the Montague Street Bridge, between North Orange and Pleasantville. The two neighborhoods have both experienced significant growth over the past several years, and many of the homes are being built with new construction, while the older homes have been converted to condos or townhouses. The residents of the communities are mainly made up of middle class professionals and the well-to-do. Learn more about Alpine, New Jersey-Why People Go To This Place To Ski.



As mentioned, the neighborhoods are highly influenced by economic factors. These are two of the primary reasons that Wyckoff, NJ is one of the fastest growing communities in the state of New Jersey. The area offers excellent employment opportunities, with the City of Jersey City having the highest per capita income in all of New Jersey. There is also the Port Authority Bus Terminal located in Edisonville. The Montague Street Bridge is one of the busiest spans in all of New Jersey, allowing traffic from Manhattan to take the bridge in less than half an hour. This makes this area an attractive place to live, as well as a place to raise a family. All of this adds up to a large population, which is highly reliant on their home and neighborhood as opposed to other communities, and that means that the area is going to be the fastest growing in the state of New Jersey.

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