Weather In Orangeburg, NY

In Orangeburg, NY, based on the horizon score, the best time to visit will be the warm-weather period between mid-June to late September. Click here for facts about Orangeburg, NY.

Temperature In Orangeburg, NY.

In Orangeburg city, New York, the winters are usually freezing; and it is partly cloudy 12 months round the year. During the year, the temperature in Orangeburg city generally varies from 23°F – 85°F, and it is hardly ever below 97°F. In Orangeburg, NY, the Summers are usually warm, humid, and wet, unlike the winters. So, if you plan on traveling either on a short or extended vacation, you should plan your trip well enough to suit the climatic conditions of the city. Whichever one you choose amongst these two temperatures ( Summer and Winter) or the one that suits you best, be rest assured of having a fabulous stay in Orangeburg, NY. It is a beautiful and conducive city. With its serene, friendly, and calm environment, you can regret visiting the city in any of these two kinds of weather. You may want to explore the two kinds of weather by visiting both temperatures and see which will suit you best. Information about Waterfall Hikes in Orangeburg, NY can be found here.