VH University

Experience Our World Class Team for 30 Full Days

VH University was created to take the guesswork out of training for adults, and becoming a full time member of the Varsity House Family.  This 30-Day “Education” period is an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of training in a more private setting. 

Becoming a member is easy.  We will guide you through every step in the process.  That’s why we have created VH University.  The ultimate way to becoming a better “YOU”!

Step 1

Let our coaches build the perfect plan designed just for you.

step 2

Our coaches will guide you through the fundamental movements and practices here at VH.

Step 3

For the remainder of your month our coaches will hand pick classes best suited for your fitness needs.

Step 4 - graduation

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 Varsity House is a global leader in performance training for athletes and individuals.  We are a group of likeminded individuals and coaches who live and embrace the core values of hard work, humility, consistency, and commitment to excellence.  Our mission is to be recognized as one of the very best gyms in the world.  Our sole purpose is to give our clients the best hour of their day and provide them with the tools to empower their lives through fitness. Welcome to TEAM VARSITY HOUSE.

Let’s take the next step together! 


bnody composition

Do you know what a healthy ratio of body fat to lean mass is?
We will teach you how to improve your composition.  

Nutrition essentials

What’s your definition of healthy eating?
We will show you the best way to reach your goals.

training history

Do you have old injuries, or limitations?
We will design your plan to overcome them.

your personal

Do you know what type of training is the best way to achieve your goals?
We will help determine that for you, so all you have to do is have fun!


What does your ideal fitness and healthy lifestyle look like?
We will help you make better choices to achieve the best version of YOU.

way of life

Do you have a winning mindset?  
Our community will help you develop the mindset to make fitness a key component in your new lifestyle.


Our approach to a healthy nutrition program is creating a new lifestyle.  It is NOT dieting!  Our nutritionist Simone, will teach you what proper nutrition really means: How to choose the right foods, when and how much to eat, what foods work best for your specific goals, what supplements to take, and most important how to make those changes stick!   The days of guessing will be over.


Ready to Start Your Journey with Varsity House?

Fill Out The Form Below

VH University is everything you need to familiarize yourself with our style of training and prepare you for full time entry into our regular group class schedule. With your new education, and a new healthy lifestyle, you will make fitness a habit and develop a real food diet, sustainable for the rest of your life.