The Varsity Detox

The Varsity Detox 21-day Challenge is a diet plan designed to reset your body’s ability to absorb nutrients.  By cutting ALL the processed food, sugars, grains, dairy, most cooked foods, and all chemicals out of your diet, your metabolism will kick into high gear!  It’s these substances that bog down your body’s internal engine like sludge in your car.  So think of this as a much needed oil change for your HIGH PERFORMANCE race car of a body!


I mean, the way past, when we were hunter gatherers running around in our loin clothes.  Back then our diets were very different.  Cooked foods and processed foods did not exist.  So I doubt there were too many obese caveman running around!  Back then our diets consisted of fruits, vegetables, berries, greens, nuts and seeds.  Those were the type of foods that we could easily find growing in our surroundings.   Meat and was much harder to come by since you had to hunt to eat meat.  Also the meat they did get was all wild and free range, having its normal high nutrient value.  This was the way it was for hundreds of thousands of years!

It’s only been within the last several hundred years that the processing of food became a product of modern society.   Only as recent as the 20th century did the use of preservatives, artificial colors, sweeteners, hydrogenated fats, and stabilizers become part of our diets.   The big food companies have brain washed us into thinking that these things are okay for us and bombard us with seductive advertising daily.  This has lead to a society who has just accepted that POISONS are okay for us to eat!

The VARSITY DETOX will help put your body BACK into its optimal state of digestion and nutrient absorption.   Once you rid yourself of all these harmful toxins  you will be able to absorb more of the nutrients from less food.   This will stabilize your insulin levels and prevent the production of cortisol, your body’s anti-anabolic stress hormone. Cortisol suppresses the digestive systems ability to process and absorb nutrients. In just three weeks you will FEEL the difference as your body WAKES UP from its sugar and chemical induced coma.

Our definition of chemicals is any that are manmade, toxic, and/or potentially harmful to the body.  These include:  Preservatives, Sweeteners, Dyes, Artificial Flavorings, Alcohol, Caffeine (in excess), Hydrogenated fats, stabilizers, MSG, modified anything, and most of all GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOODS!  If you can’t pronounce it, DON’T EAT IT!



The first thing you’ll need to do is MAKE A COMMITMENT!  Get serious and set your mind to making a change.  It’s only three weeks!  After that, you can add back some of the foods you’re accustomed to eating… but you may not want to!  Next you’ll need to go shopping and get ready to eat the RIGHT foods for the next three weeks.  Lastly, you’ll need to be consistent… NO CHEAT DAYS!

Since you are so accustomed to eating a diet of predominantly cooked food there is going to be some resistance from your body.  Your body has gotten used to running on this LOW OCTANE form of energy.  You will need to give it time to readjust to this new healthier way of eating.


Step-by-Step Detox Progression
Learn how to do a healthy detox with real food and no fads
Weekly Action Plan
Your step-by-step guide to each weeks detox.
Nutrition Seminar
Covers all the details you will need during the detox.
Custom Workouts
Exercise is an integral part of any healthy fitness plan.
Delicious and easy to prepare. Smoothies, Snacks, Lunches and Dinners.


The VARSITY DETOX restricts certain foods that are KNOWN to give people  problems with allergies and digestion.  The VARSITY DETOX is an  ALL-NATURAL nutrition plan with no chemicals, or processed foods.
No Gluten or Grains (contains wheat, corn, rice, oats, barley, rye)
No Sweeteners
No Processed / Fast foods (anything in a package)
No Added Sugar
No Dairy
No Red Meat
No Caffeine (Except some Green Tea)
No Alcohol

goodfoodsWhat exactly can I eat then?
 Everything else!  During the VARSITY DETOX the BULK of your calories will be from  fruits, vegetables, and greens.  You can also eat small amounts of  organic free range meats such as turkey, chicken and eggs.  Wild Caught  fish is also allowed! 

Is the Varsity Detox a "Paleo" diet?
Yes and No.  Although the diet adheres to many Paleo principles the VARSITY DETOX is more restrictive.  After the Detox is over we HIGHLY recommend a Paleo lifestyle of nutrition.

Can I take nutritional supplements?
Yes, but during the 21-day plan we highly recommend eating as natural as  possible.  However, you need to supplement your diet, a quality Organic  Grass Fed Whey, Organic Greens Drink, and quality Multi Vitamin are  fine.  We have several supplements we recommend that are DETOX APPROVED!

Is this a competition like your 6-WEEK TESTDETOXTRANSFORMATION?
NO.  The VARSITY DETOX is all about you!  No teams.  No points.  No awards.  Just
3-weeks of focused nutrition and training.

Will there be before & after pictures and measurements?
Yes.  We will take before and after pics, but they are for you.  Since there  is no "winner" and no "awards" these are just so you can see the change  in your body.  We will also be taking you weight, body fat, and muscle  mass so you can see how the VARSITY DETOX worked for you. 
What if I don't use all of my sessions?
The sessions are only good during the 21-day program.  They cannot be  exchanged or used for any other services. Also there are no  substitutions for the 9-session training Detox training plan.

Do you offer training after the Varsity Detox is over?
ABSOLUTELY!  We have unbelievable adult training programs that run year-round.  We  offer private and group training to help you reach any individual  fitness goal.


A consistent and well planned exercise program is essential to any healthy diet plan. In order to maximize the effects and efforts put into the nutrition you will be consuming, the staff at Varsity House Gym have designed “DETOX SPECIFIC” training sessions.

If you want to get in the best shape of your life, now’s the time to take action.  I know you’re saying is this program for me? Can I hack it?  At Varsity House we have a large contingency of adult male & female warriors who train with us.  Our adult clients come from all walks of life from doctors and accountants, to school teachers, and stay at home moms.  However, all who train with us have one thing in common… they hate going to health clubs and want something different for their training.   Not to be bothered by the BS social scene associated with going to a big-box health club.  They want to train in a way that translates to the real world, training to get RESULTS!  With that in mind we have been able to help our clients achieve amazing physical transformations that are consistent and long lasting.