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Are You Still Guessing?
Do you and your team have a clear vision for success and know exactly what you need to do to get there?  Sort of?

Do you have all your systems documented? Are they followed by all your employees, and practiced regularly?  Some of them?

Do you have a plan for developing great employees? Not really?

Do you have a system for getting consistent referrals and leads into your gym? Kind of?

Kind of, sort of, maybe, somewhat, and ‘I don’t know’ are sure fire signs you have reached the coach-owner paradox.  The point in which you are doing everything but at the same time nothing to drive the business forward.

You’re trapped training all day and putting out whatever fires the business throws your way.


If so, I have an amazing solution.

The Business of Strength Mentorship was created to take the guesswork out of running your gym.  We wanted to give gym owners, coaches, and Strength Entrepreneurs™ the blueprint for success.  This blueprint transformed Varsity House from a tiny two-car garage to a world-class training facility.

The Business of Strength will help you structure your business processes, to create a clear vision for your ideal future.

When we started Varsity House in 2006, we had no prior business experience.  I had a master’s degree in physiology and had never owned my own business. My partner Dan majored in communications (football) and was fresh out of college.  All we had was our work ethic and the desire to get better every day.

We thought that if we trained hard and got results the athletes and money would just flood in. However, having no systems, marketing plan, or for that matter any employees all this meant was we were working harder not smarter.   Sound familiar?

By 2009 we upgraded to our second facility and had a grand total of four (4) employees!  We were busting at the seams because of the buzz we had created and the results our clients were getting.  Everyone wanted to train at that “hardcore warehouse gym.”  There were no signs, no front desk, no point of sale, or systems at all to keep the business in check.

“Dan and I quickly realized that we did not own our gym, but our gym owned us.”

In 2011, we got help.  We knew had to create and implement systems to take control of our business.  We hired a business and marketing coach to help us streamline our processes.  Everything from sales, marketing, operations, and even management.  That year we spent most of our nights and weekends outlining all the processes that were needed to run our gym.  Up to that point, it was all just in our heads; and like they say, “If it’s not written down it does not exist.”

We wrote everything down as if we were going to teach it to other people.  That way it became a reproducible process.  A true operational system.

By 2012 we were rolling.  We had installed a front desk and management team.  We had sales objectives, and a detailed marketing calendar.  We were holding weekly trainer/employee meetings, and had created a system for billing, sales, retention.  Time was beginning to work in our favor as the day to day processes were organized and systemized.  Gone were the days of running ourselves into the ground aimlessly.

By 2013 we were doing nearly $750,000 year in revenue with only eight total employees. We were in a terrible, non-visible warehouse space, with no windows, no fans, and a leaky roof.  We had streamlined our pricing and memberships, improved our sales processes, converted most of our clients to EFT, and completely transformed our cash flow issues.  By the end of 2013 we had a plan in place to upgrade our facility to match our growing brand.

Fast-forward to 2019 and Varsity House now resides in a custom designed 20,000sq/ft training facility we call home.  We are still using many of the same processes we created in 2012.  We have over twenty employees, featuring a Head of Operations, a Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, a General Manager, and some of the best coaches in the industry.

Everything that happens in our gym is written down, outlined, and coached to all our employees.  Creating systems has created freedom, both financially and personally.

We decided it was time to help other Strength Entrepreneurs™ like you, turn your passion into your profession.   Our two-day mentorship will teach you the systems, mindset, and tools to help transform your gym.

Now you can put time and money back on your plate.

The next mentorship will be held here at Varsity House March 28/29th. Contact us at [email protected] or www.businessofstrength.com to secure your spot.

Stay Strong,
– Joe & Dan



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