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My S.N.A.P. Nutrition program promotes a balanced whole food diet that you can maintain forever.  I will be your guiding light to proper nutrition and a healthier lifestyle.  

S.N.A.P is more than a nutrition program, it is a lifestyle.  It is NOT a diet.  I will teach you what proper nutrition really means: how to choose the right foods, when and how much to eat, what foods work best for your specific goals, what supplements to take, and most important how to make those changes stick!   The days of guessing will be over.

Nutrition is the one area where most people tend to hit a roadblock and fail.  Crash diets produce quick results but will cause more harm than good  to your metabolism.  Going on a diet generally means that at some point you are going off of it.  This program will train your body and mind so you look and feel great.  Get healthy from the inside out.

Simone Leta
VH Nutritionist

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Diets are designed to be short term. They deprive your body of certain foods, nutrients, and calories in order for you to lose weight.  As soon as you eat those foods again in normal quantities, you go right back to where you started.  Not to mention the metabolic damage they can do to your body. Diets are an extreme short term solution.  SNAP is what you need for a long term lifestyle plan.

You can and should eat carbs...and fats for that matter.  There's a misconception that to lose weight you should cuts carbs and fats.  Careful though.  If you cut too much you'll throw your body into starvation mode, causing you to store more fat and slow your metabolism.  SNAP gives you a balanced plan that feeds the fire and speeds up your metabolism.

To reach your goals and improve your health, you need to make healthy nutrition part of your lifestyle. SNAP meal plans will make it easy.  Our plans will provide balanced nutrition with a ton of variety so you don't get bored.  After a while it will just become how you regularly eat, not another fad diet... 

SNAP meal plans will teach you how to eat for your body and your goals.  Your plan is specifically tailored to your needs and nobody else's.  SNAP meal plans include caloric breakdown, portions, meal schedule, recipes, and so much more.  We will guide you through the process of designing your new healthy lifestyle.  Healthy nutrition will in fact be a SNAP!

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One-on-One Goal Setting & Nutritional Consult

Fully Customized 4-Week Meal Plan

Food Log and Weekly Check-ins

 Recipes, Tips and Supplement Recommendations

 Unlimited Email Support

A Healthier, Re-energized life!

All first time SNAP clients receive a full 1-hour consultation to find the right nutrition plan for you.  Each program contains one month of meal plans, recipes, and food logs.  SNAP clients will have unlimited email access to Simone and have several scheduled "checkups" throughout
the first month.  

After a month or two most clients will gain the knowledge to build their own meal plans, taking nutrition into their own hands.  Whether you're someone looking to start a new fitness lifestyle or an elite athlete SNAP's flexible approach to meal planning will help you achieve your goals. 

It’s no secret that good nutrition is key to a healthier life.  Sometimes we know what we need to do, but we don't have the support or accountability to continue moving in the right direction. That's why we have created the private SNAP online continuity group.  Myself, along with other group members will be your support system as we continue our journey towards a fitter and healthier version of ourselves!  

This group is going to be your go to spot for all the resources needed to really make this a lifestyle. It will become very interactive with regular posting throughout the week.  We will cover a wide range of topics and encourage members to share their own questions and experiences.

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15 Day Whole Food Flush
Do you feel you are doing everything right and just can't get that number on the scale to move??

When you are trying to lose weight, it is easy to go directly to a calorie deficit diet, step up your training routine, and stay away from all the packaged processed junk food out there; but sometimes that is just not enough.

The SNAP Flush plan is designed just for that. It is broken down into 5 phases in a short 18 day period to reduce acidity, create a more alkaline environment, and help you start reaching your goals faster!


Simone is a graduate of Montclair State University with a degree in nutrition and food science.  She is also a Certified Personal Trainer with The Aerobics & Fitness Association of America (AFAA). Having her nutrition degree and training knowledge gives her a unique ability to offer clients a complete fitness solution.  

Growing up, Simone played a variety of varsity level sports and has always had an active
and healthy lifestyle.  During college she began working exclusively in the fitness industry
and decided  that helping others was the perfect career path.  

Simone loves the healthy and fit lifestyle she has made for herself.  Now she is here at
Varsity House to help you develop your own healthy lifestyle plan. Whatever your needs
may be, to lose weight, gain weight, or become a better athlete Simone will be here to
help guide and inspire!



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Are you ready to make a permanent change to your lifestyle and commit to healthy eating habits?