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the ultimate guide to sled training

become unstoppable


 Low impact, simple to use, easy to teach.

Develop crushing leg strength, explosive speed & improve cardio and endurance.

Restore tired and beat up legs.

Fun team building tool.

Cost effective for training large groups.

What You Get With Sled Rx

Over 50 leg and lung crushing workouts that will build strength, power, speed, as well as core and upper body strength.

Perfect for coaches and trainers that need to accommodate  large groups or teams.

Add variety to any athletic training program.

Injury prevention exercises that you’re NOT doing. 

Bulletproof your athletes to stay healthy all season long! 

100 drills

 Sled Rx includes 5 specific sections with drills focusing on building strength, developing endurance, increasing speed, assisting recovery, and a variety of team specific drills great competitions and much more...

rhino thumbnailSTRENGTH SECTION

Charge like a RHINO! Dominate and impose your will on the opposition. This guide includes drills that will show how you to build massive amounts of strength and power.


If Your athletes legs fail, your team fails. Develop legs and lugs and DON'T QUIT! Be the team that runs full speed through the 4th quarter with these amazing endurance building drills.

bullet thumbPOWER SECTION

Learn our top secret exercises for improving acceleration, running form, speed and exlosive starting power. Speed KILLS!

sled med thumbRECOVERY SECTION

Injury proof your team! Recover fast from practice and games. Develop off the charts conditioning, with our guide to keeping your athletes healthy and fit, all season long.

herd thumbTEAM DRILLS

You're only as good as the people you surround yourself with. Develop a TEAM that works hard together and wins together. These are the ultimate guide to team building drills and circuits your team will love.


Sled training is one of the most effective, simple and cost efficient ways to develop speed, strength and power in athletes. For that reason we use sleds in our everyday training, with every athlete - young, old, big, small. Varsity House created the ULTIMATE guide for instantly improving athletic performance.

 Throughout the course of the past 10 years we have tried to “Bottle Up” a product that well represents Varsity House Gym and our brand.  For many reasons, we have tried and failed to create something that really personified our gym.   Collectively, it was our goal to create top flight content for the aspiring coach or athlete that doesn’t live within the proximity of our shop.  The mission was to create the best program for people with limited space and equipment.  After a think tank session, we kept coming back to one tool that has been used from day 1 in all programs and is still used more than ever…THE SLED!   

Before we ever had a brand new facility with indoor and outdoor turf, tred sleds, air dynes, rowers, and ski ergs, all we had was 1 drive sled and 1 drag sled. We coupled that with 2 racks, weights, dumbbells, a GHR, chains, bands, and a few specialty bars that rounded out the assortment at the very first Varsity House Gym.    As our business has matured, we’ve moved Varsity House twice and expanded our exercise index/equipment selection quite a bit. However, our sleds still get a tremendous amount of use.

SledRX embodies the blue collar approach to training that has attracted thousands of clients to walk through our doors.   No corporate sponsors, no big time marketing budget. These people were attracted to our facility because of the results!  Everyone from the weekend warriors, junior athletes, all the way to our NFL Beasts!  We have boxed up and1 filmed all the drills/exercises needed for YOU to be the next success story… We hope you enjoy.

Everyday Is Leg Day

 “Timing, perseverance, and ten years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success.”



maximus""SledRX is one of the best sled based conditioning programs I have ever seen. It is a comprehensive, highly developed program that is suitable for a guy getting ready to play in the NFL or a person just looking to attain an elite level of conditioning. The guys at Varsity House continue to be leaders in the areas of sports specific conditioning and old fashioned hard work"" - Bobby Maximus (Gym Jones)

reilly"Sled Rx is a serious training program! Prowlers and sleds are an essential part of any athletes training regiment, especially as an outside linebacker in the NFL. Power, speed and explosion are all by products of the Sled Rx program. Get on the sled, get on the prowler and get after it!" - Mike Reilly (Pittsburgh Steelers)

Sinead"Speed, power and performance with the sled has set the foundation for my success on the USA Bobsled Team. SledRx has given me the tools to pursue my dream of representing my country in the 2018 Olympic games." - Sinead Corley (USA Bobsled)


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