Meet James.

Last year James injured his knee during a football game. Most kids in his position of receiving interest from “big time” colleges would have been devastated. No question was he disappointed but he didn’t let it deter him from his goal of getting back to the field and becoming a recruited athlete.

Truth be told James didn’t start training at Varsity House until AFTER his injury.   Training isn’t easy, especially training in a brace with crutches! However, he brought nothing but positive energy and complete focus on what he COULD do instead of focusing on what he couldn’t accomplish.

In the face of adversity when many would pack it in for the winter James missed not 1 single session. He gained “good” weight, strength, and self confidence that he would return to form. When coaches came calling from Stanford, Boston College, and Temple among many others he was walking the walk of a Division 1 athlete.

Prior to this past summer James received a full athletic scholarship to play for Temple University. James never gave up on himself or his dreams. To see his persistence and hard work come to fruition is what coaching is all about.

James took a chance on himself. You can too.  If you want to Become Unstoppable and dominate your competition call 201-767-1305 now to book your FREE gym tour so we can get started.

In Strength,
Dan Goodman