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Get A Grip

Our #1 download online program! If you are a former athlete who still gets after it in the gym, and needs a real plan to stay on track, this plan is for you!

Sled Rx

The Ultimate Guide To Sled Training. Sled training is one of the most effective, simple and cost efficient ways to develop speed, strength and power in athletes.

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Man Maker Part I

Man Maker 1 Thumb

This plan was designed for young men in the prime of their athletic careers to face amazing feats of strength & conditioning and look awesome for spring break!

Man Maker Part II

Man Maker 2

Due to the overwhelming response and success people have achieved from the original Man Maker, now we bring you Part 2!

Man Maker Globo

Man Maker Globo Thumb

We have modified this program to be easily done with minimal equipment in almost any gym. Get on a real program, regardless of where you train

Box King

Box King

Become A SAVAGE! Are looking to be the strongest and most fit guy in the gym? GET TO WORK!


New Abs, New You!

  Cut through all the crap, and get results  in as little as 3 weeks!

Vacation Plan

Vacation 1 thumb

This 10 Day workout index is built for either the hotel room, or small hotel training facility to keep you on track, even while traveling.

Vacation Plan 2.0

Vacation 2 thumb

Due to the success from our original "Vacation Training" we have expanded another program so you never run out of training plans while on the move.

Vacation Tips

Dont Gain 10lbs on Vacation

Avoid that unnecessary weight gain, and learn what to be eating while your away. We didn’t forget drinks too! It’s all about making better choices and still having a great time.

Pull-Up Plan

Pull Up Plan thumb

This program will ensure you are getting better at pull ups!


This program was designed incorporating many years of personal experience,  extensive research and   travel. Only through rigorous trial and error we have developed this program.

Why Are You So Slow?

so slow

Is your speed program not getting the results you expected? Dispel the common misconceptions associated with speed training and figure out "Why are you so slow?"

In-Season Strength


  Although it’s nice to incorporate fancy equipment into training plans it’s absolutely not needed to get high school football players strong.

College Spring Template

Spring College

Get on the same program we use with our college bound athletes in the spring to get them ready for competition.

Spring Strength Cycle

Spring Cycle thumb

Although it’s nice to incorporate fancy equipment into training plans it’s absolutely not needed to get high school football players strong.

Winner's Circle

winners circle

This training program for wrestling athletes will test mental fortitude and push you to new personal bests.

Shoulder Mobility

Mobility Drills

This video contains a series of strength & mobility drills perfect for baseball or any throwing athlete.


Athlete Nutrition

Nutriotionist in Orangeburg, NY

Basic Nutrition

nutrition guide

Food Logs

Food Logs

Nutrition Essentials

nutrition essentials

Post W.O. Nutrition

post workout nutrition

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