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To everyone that downloaded the Man-Maker Part I we thank you, and hope that you’ve “enjoyed” the first 10 weeks.  Below you will find the next free 10 weeks of training.  We have altered the plan based on the needs of our in house Man-Makers.  The exercise index is vastly different with new goals to keep you physically improving on a weekly basis.

If you’ve completed section one we would appreciate any and all feedback. Send over all before and after pictures and success stories as I will feature the best story on our homepage.  On top of that the first 10 email reviews I recieve,  will receive the Varsity House Gym Classic T-shirt in return as a thank you!

Keep training hard and thanks for all the continued support of Team VH!

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If you are interested in training at Varsity House Gym or have any questions please send us an e-mail at [email protected] and we would be glad to help!

For more information please visit