Kat Ott has quietly become one of the best success stories ever at Varsity House.

She first came to the gym through our open enrollment program, with little to no experience in the gym. During that first workout we weren’t sure if she was going to continue training. We’ve now come to find out that she spent 30 minutes in the car with her mother arguing about not wanting to come in that day. However, as the training block continued, so did she.

Weeks turned to months and fast forward to now and Kat has become one of the few athletes that we’ve had not miss any training blocks for nearly 2 straight years, even training throughout her soccer season.

She’s made friends within the group and slowly became someone that we can rely on to help the new athletes.

Kat has also become one of our all time strongest Female Athletes by bench pressing 100lbs and Deadlifting 200lbs.

Training has had such an impact on her life that she wrote her college essay on her experience at Varsity House. She’s also the first athlete to have her “Prom-Posal” happen at the gym, (Sorry Kat!) On top of it all she plans to study Exercise Science at the St. Thomas Aquinas College all while continuing her athletic career by playing soccer there as well!

Kat is a true example of how change is only made through consistency and by trusting the process. We look forward to continuing to help Kat through college with not only her athletic goals but her career goals as well!

If you want to be our next success story, click the link below to sign up for our Fall training block starting September 3rd!