As they say, if you can’t coach better results than you’ve come to achieve, then maybe you shouldn’t be a coach. At Varsity House we’ve had a lot of people willing to go the extra mile and WORK for extraordinary results…and fortunately for me I never was that good!

Having never been a “natural born” athlete, I had to earn everything in the gym. In fact, freshman year in high school I was cut from both the basketball and baseball team, something that is STILL hard to admit.

At that point I felt defeated, insecure and my athletic career was looking quite bleak. I was forced into sport “specialization” with that sport being football, because that was the only sport that didn’t cut anyone! I grew up a bit, found the weight room, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Luckily for me that training instilled the self-confidence and awareness that if I was willing to work that I’d be rewarded. By the time I was a senior I was one of 3 captains for a NJ State finalist football team and wound up earning a full athletic scholarship and played for the University of Rhode Island for 5 years.

This story isn’t about me re-living my Uncle Rico glory days, I never could throw a football more than 20 yards anyway!

“It’s about knowing what it takes to leveling up athletes, adults, and gym owners to achieve results they didn’t know were possible.”

I was asked at an early Business of Strength mentorship how we “market.” I replied, ‘our client’s success will be our success it’s as simple as that.’ Our gym is not built on fancy cardio equipment, spin classes, Zumba, drop in classes or $25 gym memberships with the hope of no-shows. Look, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with different types of fitness, any movement is progress for many.


At Varsity House what we sell is top flight coaching and a training atmosphere that is one of the best in the world. Our staff wants our members, 6th graders to people in their 60’s, to enjoy a training experience that they didn’t know existed before VH. Our goal is to provide people with a place that becomes, hopefully, one of the best hours of their day.

It is our MISSION to be recognized as a world leader in strength and conditioning. Our CLIENTS success stories will be the catalyst for which this story is built.

Are you next? If you are interested in getting started with TEAMVH send us an e-mail HERE. Let’s Go!

Have a great weekend,
– Dan

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