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**IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Orders are available for pick-up on Monday, Wednesday & Friday ONLY.  All orders must be placed by 12 noon, 2 days prior to selected pick-up dates (ex: If you order on Tuesday at 5pm, your order will not be ready until Friday morning)

No Carb Chicken Parm
BBQ Chicken Picnic
Hawaiian Bison Burger
Sausage & Peppers
Taco Salad
Summer Salad
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Gourmet Fresh Meals. No Prep Work.

A new type of concierge meal prep service.


When can I pick-up my meals?

All meals are made fresh to order. Pick up is available to Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays ONLY. Order by 12 noon, two days before your desired pick-up day and your meals will be ready for pick-up.

Where do I pick-up my meals?

During your checkout process you will choose a location to pick your meals up from. Currently that will either be B&M Market (Park Ridge) or Varsity House Gym (Orangeburg)

Are the meals frozen?

All of our gourmet selections are made fresh to order and NEVER frozen! We recommend enjoying the meals within 1 to 3 days after pick-up, but you can freeze them yourself to enjoy at a later date.

We have options available that include:

Wild Caught
USDA Prime