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Dan and Joe talk about the best and the worst of 2018 at Varsity House. They talk about everything that went well in 2018 (so far) including, the first 6 months of their Strongest Year Group, how KPI tracking changed how they track sales, and how running a successful meeting can set the tone for progress in the following year. They also dive deep into what they did wrong in 2018 and how they want to change that for the future. Dan and Joe discuss the unveiling of Varsity House’s first piece of equipment, the Tread Sled, and how it is the ultimate piece of gym equipment.

Topics Include:

  • How the year end meeting is the most important meeting you can have.
  • The Strongest Year Program
  • Running a successful summer program
  • How KPI tracking changed how they track sales
  • Open Enrollment
  • You can say yes to too many things
  • Redefining the bonus structure for 2019
  • Redefining the employee contracts for 2019
  • Increasing the accountability of team meetings for Q4
  • The unveiling of the Tread Sled

Podcast Breakdown:

  • 00:00-00:45 The Introduction
  • 00:46-28:10 What Went Well in 2018
  • 28:11-41:55 What We Did Wrong in 2018
  • 41:55-50:58 The Tread Sled
  • 51:00-55:41 The Two Minute Drill and Closing Remarks

Learn more about the Tread Sled HERE

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