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Here we go, the year end purchase push is in absolute full swing!  Junk mail in the email box, mail box, and consumer mania in every retail store.   When retail business zig’s we want to zag as a SERVICE based business.  Our goal should be to GIVE back to our clients, not be the norm and do nothing but ask and force feed the “sale.”

From October 1st – January 1st here is a list of FOUR events every gym needs:

  1. Check-in’s for Charity. This is simple, every time a client comes to the gym and “Checks-in” on Facebook we donate $.25 cents to a local food pantry for Thanksgiving.   We run this for 6 weeks and the goal is 2,000 check-ins.  No matter what every Thanksgiving we present the Center for food action a check for $500 which pays for 10 full thanksgiving meals for families in need.    It’s a feel-good event for everyone to take apart in, and its amazing to see how many members really get behind this event.
  1. Bring a Friend. In the 3rd week of our Check in for Charity we host a FREE Saturday Bring a friend workout.  This can be done for adults or athletes.    It’s an easy call to action to help facilitate friends and family to come check out the gym!
  1. Client Appreciation Party. Schedule and host a massive client appreciation party.  Send out personal evites to every member and tell them to mark their calendars now.  We provide food/drinks/door prices/raffles etc.   Before we had a large community, we would invite local coaches, parents to a dinner.   What started with a table of literally less than 10 people years ago has turned into a 200-person banger!
  1. Front End Offer. Now that we have made 3 debits in the “good faith” bank account NOW is the time to ask for the sale.   Provide value, build trust, and ask for the sale.  Lead generation comes from people in the community wanting to help support your business.  Make their referral process as concise as possible and you will turn members into sales representatives!

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