Flex Friday #2 - Shoulder rehab

Shoulder Rehab

It’s Time to Flex those muscles team VH!

As we are always trying to find more ways to train harder, more often and with more consistency one of the most impotent aspects of having longevity in the gym is taking care of yourself. Shoulder injuries are very common in adults over 30.

As we age our flexibility lessons and our posture gets worse. This causes the shoulder girdle to tighten up.

This can lead to many of the common shoulder injuries we see in the gym:

  • Pain in the biceps tendon;
  • Pain in the anterior shoulder/clavicle junction;
  • Pain in the real should and rotator cuffs.

Here are three simple exercises you can do to help counteract the natural effects of aging and help yourself stay in the game longer, with fewer injuries, and crushing your goals!

  1. Kettle Bell Hanging Traction – Set up a standard barbell at about waist height. Using a 10-25lb kettlebell hang one arm over the bar placing the bar in your armpit angling it Fromm the real of the shoulder to the pec in front. Hold your kettlebell in the same arm and perform 20x small circles each way for up to 2min each side;
  2. Lat Grind – Using a foam roller laying mostly on one side roll up and down from the armpit to the lower rib area focusing on the lat muscle that runs down the side of your body. Perform for up to 2min per side or until roiling no longer feels sensitive;
  3. Lat Traction – Using a band attached to a rack at head high or better loop one hand into the band so its pull around them wrist. Step back with the leg on the same side into a big lung in order to stretch the lat. Relax I to the stretch and lean you lat into the stretch. Perform on both sides for up to 2min.

If you do these 2-3x/weeks say goodbye to shoulder pain! Whether you have existing shoulder pain or you’re just being preventative these three exercises can be a game-changer. If you have any questions on how to keep your shoulders healthy be sure to ask me or any of our coaches for some help!

Stay Strong,
Coach Joe

P.S. I would love to see more of you doing these drills before or after your training session! “HINT”

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