Flex Friday - Introduction

Subject. Flex Friday… Intention.

Hey Gang!

I hope everyone is off to a killer in 2019. This is the first of a weekly email we are calling Flex Friday. Each week I will be giving you some easy to use tips, recipes, and mindset advice toward living a better, healthier lifestyle. Please give me your honest feedback and send me some topics you would like me to discuss.

Here’s my first!


It’s the intention of HOW you do things, not the mechanism by which you do them that matters most.

This time of the year everyone is clamoring to the gym to get that New Year New You bod they have always wanted.

They tell themselves, ” As soon as the holidays are over!”.  Well, you know the rest!

Most people focus on the wrong stuff when it comes to fitness. They need new clothes, the right shoes, a gym with saunas, rows of ellipticals, a new set of headphones, these classes, these amenities…The list goes on.
Those are mechanisms. They have nothing to do with creating a habit and getting results. Only true intension can create a real habit.

There are thousands of SUPER FIT people who have no gym, no fancy gear, and no coach. They just have a clear intent as to what they want to get out of their fitness.

To get fitter for 2019 you need nothing more than yourself and a whole lot of want to. Since you’re already a member here you don’t need a gym membership. I doubt it’s your shoes that are holding you back, and it’s certainly not having ellipticals or spin classes.

What’s holding you back is that you haven’t made a clear agreement with yourself!

  • What is your true intention is for 2019?
  • What are the terms of that agreement?
  • Have you set clear tangible goals?
  • Have you created habits that will lead you to your goals?

Many times, I find that it’s the habit before the habit that is the problem.

I want to go to the gym, BUT…

  • I need to get my clothes ready;
  • I need to get dinner for kids;
  • I need to run to the store.

If going to the gym is important to get your clothes ready the night before, put a crockpot meal together so it’s ready when you come home from the gym, and order your food via a grocery delivery service like Fresh Direct. Going to the gym is not a problem when you manage your time properly to match your intention.

This year lets make clear agreements and stick to them!

Don’t to 2020, now’s the time to take action.

Stay Strong,
Coach Joe