The ONE Exercise You Need to Get Good At

For some reason when you own a gym everyone who meets me ask me “How Much Can You Bench?!”
I guess it goes with the territory. As the conversation continues it usually goes into what I think are the best type of workouts and exercises for burning fat and building muscle.
Here’s the answer: SQUATS!!!

If you want the MOST bang for your buck in terms of time efficiency and calories burned nothing beats squats.


Your legs make up roughly 40% of your total body mass and they are ALL muscle. No organs or other body structures, just pure muscle. When they are moving, they are burning a lot of calories.

Getting Good at squats requires some practice and a little patience. Don’t expect to be squatting like Big Mike in a week. It’s taken years to get to that point, but a little goes a long way.

Here are a few easier (user-friendly) variations of the squat you should be doing each week. Luckily, we cover most of these in our classes but if you REALLY want to get good at them work them into your warmups and or spend some time practicing after class. KB Goblet Squat
– A staple in our programs. The key is getting your butt to parallel (I’M WATCHING) Zercher Squats
– Another great variation for those a little gun shy to put a bar on their back. Single-Leg Box Squats
– These are HARD but super effective. Also, since they a single-leg exercise they translate great to sports and active lifestyles.

Try these great variations and to maximize your calorie burn and stimulate muscle growth. If you want to give these a try just ask a coach to show you. We are happy to help. Or, you could come to Heavy Metal (weds 7 pm/ Sun 9 am) or Barbell University (Tues/Thurs 6 am) where we focus on squats, deadlifts, and bench variations.

Stay Strong,
Coach Joe

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