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In this episode Joe and Dan talk about how to create an amazing first impression with your trial on-board.  They will break down their step by step process for, delivering exceptional value, building in accountability, developing a great client/coach relationship, and converting them to full memberships.  The on-board is the first step, and most important step, of any client’s journey in your gym.  This episode will give you the tools to develop your own on-board that will increase conversions and retention.

Topics Include:

  1. Five rules for designing a reliable, consistent, and effective on-boarding program that WILL generate you more money and retain more clients.
  2. An example of a great on-board program that you can customize and use with your members immediately.
  3. Sample emails to use during your On-Boarding process.
  4. BONUS: A genuine “Thank You” note and gift you need to send at the end of your On-Board that will blow people away!
  5. What’s the right offer to close the deal.
  6. How to follow up after the sale.
  7. How their own on-board went from a bad first date to an all-star experience!


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