When my parents read this article, they still might shake their heads! As a student reading books didn’t happen. Summer reading? Forget it! Now if it was the sports section of the newspaper or ESPN magazine that was a different story. I was the kid that memorized heights, weights, batting averages and knew all 53 players on the active roster of NFL teams. Sports became an obsession.

Luckily enough I’ve been able to channel that energy into a career filled with sports, fitness, and recreation. The first 4 years in the gym business it was exclusively training related articles/manuals, books, seminars, and learning. Then, like most, we realized that we knew A LOT about training but very little about running a business. Ultimately, we knew very little about making money!

Before we paid for much high-level fitness business coaching, I bought books regarding business. Some industry related material, but a lot of it was out of our industry. Studying the hospitality business, which is one of the many reasons why Joe and I reference at least two restaurants in every podcast!

We say it all the time, but it needs to be heard daily, the gym business is about providing your clients with the best hour of their day. We are striving to provide a level of service that they didn’t know existed in the gym business prior to coming to our facility. If you aren’t in this business to truly help people and provide unmatched customer experience than you won’t last very long.

Below is a list of some of the very first readings that helped re-shape the structure of Varsity House Gym. If WE were able to digest them and put the practices into play, then so can you. Give it shot!

The number one attribute in sales is…communication.  No book breaks down communication psychology like this classic.
One that we reference before every business of strength seminar and a mandatory reading of all that enroll in our internship at VH.
Marketing tactics that DO NOT implore Facebook ads, an unbelievable breath of fresh air in the marketing space.
Geno Wickman is a genius regarding operational systems and business planning. The first two hours of our Business of Strength mentorship is heavily influenced by the readings and applications of this book.
We hire, and fire based on the principles laid out in this book.  It is another mandatory read of all VH interns.

Let me know what you think!

In Strength,

Dan Goodman