LISTEN: itunes3 google2 soundcloud3 In this episode Joe and Dan have a special guest appearance from Varsity House’s own head strength & conditioning coach Big Mike Capriglione.  Together the guys discuss how over the last decade they created a culture centered around athletic performance.  Varsity House is known for their hardcore warehouse style of training where lifting weights are the main focus.  This type of training was not the common place for youth athletes in 2006 when VH started. Topic Include:
  • Developing the vision for what VH’s training would like.
  • Creating a culture centered around performance.
  • Segregation and Individualization.
  • Open Enrollment and VHU (on-boarding clients).
  • Tracking and Monitoring.
  • How things have changed over the years.
  • Where have all the “speed” schools gone.
  • Why CrossFit isn’t fit for youth athletes.
  • The worst things we have seen in the gym!
  • The Future of Youth Athletic Development
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