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This week we are working on selling.  Selling is an art form.  A mental mind game. It’s connecting people with an emotion that makes them believe you’re the best solution for them.

Most of the problem’s coaches have with selling come from themselves…NOT the potential client.

You are the expert so act like it!

There are three main roadblocks that I believe hold most people back from being effective sellers.

Before I tell you what they are remember this…SELLING = HELPING!!! (repeat 10x)

  1. You’re in the business of helping people…
  2. To help people, they must be your client…
  3. To be your client you must convince them that the other 500 inferior solutions out there are not the right one for them and that you are…
  4. The better you can sell the more people you can help…
  5. The more people you can help the greater your impact will be in your community…
  6. We are measured by IMPACT not KNOWLEDGE!

Here are three reasons you suck at selling and don’t “close” nearly as much as you should:

  1. Money Hang Ups – Not the clients…YOURS! Most people who become coaches do not come from affluent backgrounds so the idea of paying thousands a year for training can be very foreign. This is a major reason we see so many gyms competing in price wars with other gyms.  They simply do not believe in the value and service they are providing.  GET OVER IT! If you yourself want to become affluent like many of your clients, you must start viewing your money and your time differently.
    • You are the BEST at what you do in your area!
    • Your time ad expertise is worth a good deal of money!
    • TIME is our most valuable commodity!
    • Charge what you are worth!
  1. Fear of Rejection – Nobody likes getting rejected. It’s terrible.  Reminds me of freshman year in high school! You cannot form an emotional tie to rejection.  Most fears of rejection stem from a lack of confidence. Confidence in knowing the products, the person and being able to connect the right need to the right solution. Look at it from an analytical standpoint.
    • They are NOT rejecting you as a person they don’t even know you!
    • Did you clearly identify the need and offer the right solution?!
    • Do you sound confident and do they believe you ARE the expert?!
  1. Aversion to Selling – This is the one I hear the most…”I hate selling! I don’t want to be a used car salesman!”  As I said above SELLING = HELPING.  If you don’t want to sell does that mean you don’t want to help people? If you are the BEST solution and a potential client is looking to train it is your OBLIGATION to sell them on your products, so you can help them.  This will allow you to grow your business and allow them to train with the best people to help them reach their goals.

As you can see selling is a MINDSET!  I firmly believe that here at Varsity House we are the best and it is my OBLIGATION to my family, my staff, the community, and every client I serve to be an effective seller.  That way we can help as many people as possible, creating the greatest impact, and at the same time getting PAID for our most valuable commodity…


Stay Strong,
–  Coach Joe


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