Amusements Parks For Kids In Orangeburg, NY

Orangeburg city, NY, has a lot of amusement parks for the kids to explore an excellent experience of enjoyment, which the city has in store for all ( both for residents and visitors). Considering the numerous amusement parks available in Orangeburg, NY, selecting the best will amount to a lot of work. Therefore, to get the best amusement parks that will suit your kid’s needs, here is a list of some of the best Parks around Orangeburg, NY. Learn more here.

Victorian Gardens At Wollman Rink

Victorian Gardens first commenced operation publicly in the Summers of 2003. It is located on a vast expanse of land of about 50,000 Square meters in Orangeburg, NY. Its rides are specifically geared towards different age ranges of 2 – 12 years of age. It’s got rides that can also accommodate adults of different sizes. It is situated in a serene and safe environment with a controlled setting that allows parents to relax and watch your kids. At the same time, they enjoy the experience of discovering the magical powers of an amusement park. Asides the rides, other side attractions will make visiting the park a memorable experience for your kids. Who wouldn’t want a fantastic experience? Learn more about Weather In Orangeburg, NY.