“Varsity House has pushed me to be the best athlete I can be from the beginning. I wouldn’t train anywhere else!”
Mike Reilly (NFL Prospect)

“When I’m not training with the team, Varsity House is where I go to stay on top of my game”
Tanner McEvoy (Seattle Seahawks)

"My goal was to create a lifestyle that was sustainable and manageable even with my busy, on the go schedule.   Let's be clear, this is not a fad diet like Atkins or South Beach.  This is a plan that has you eating real food in real portions.  In total, I lost 35 pounds, dropped 3 pant sizes, increased my muscle mass by 4.4 percent and decreased my body fat by 8.1 percent!"
Englewood Fire Captain

“I have trained at Varsity House since I was a little kid, and they have made me the athlete I am today”
Andrew Trumbetti

“The minute I walked into Varsity House, I knew it was the place for me”
Sineaid Corley (USA Bobsled)

“The energy and training methods are unlike any facility I have ever trained in. Varsity House has brought my game to another level”
Matthew Goodman

“I owe a lot of my success on the field, and in life to the guys at Varsity House”
John Trainor

"When I look at the before and after photos I can easily see the difference in my appearance, To be fair my results were attained not only due to my daily workout but in large part to the VH staff who showed extreme patience in advising me of the various exercises, diet and was always there to support me when necessary."
VH Member


Varsity House Gym
337 Blaisdell Road, Orangeburg NY 10962
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