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Varsity House has pushed me to be the best athlete I can be!
Mike Reilly (All-American)

Varsity House made me the athlete I am today!
-Andrew Trumbetti

Its all about proper technique which I learned at Varsity House.
-Dan Crimmins

Thanks for all the help with my game on the field
-Tommy LaStella

Varsity House Gym is dedicated to the development of speed, strength, power, and  performance.  Our no nonsense warehouse style gym located in New York is the perfect environment for athletes, EMS, military, and  weekend warriors.  At Varsity House our specialties include: Strength  & Conditioning, Speed Development, Agility and Change of Direction,  Explosive Power Development, Flexibility, Corrective Exercise and Post  Rehab Training, High School/NFL/Pro-Day Combine Training, and 6-Week  Body Transformations.  We have the BEST equipment, atmosphere, and  coaches to motivate our clients to TRAIN HARD and get RESULTS  Whether  you’re a Division 1A football player looking to improve your performance on the field or a Washed-Up Meathead who hates the normal mundane gym  scene, Varsity House can design a program that WILL get you JACKED,  FAST, and RIPPED!


Varsity House Gym
337 Blaisdell Road, Orangeburg NY 10962
201-767-1305  |

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